Selling through the clutter…. How do I get to the prospect???

Today the world is cluttered with many different outlets to get our information. We have the nostalgic media of TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, etc. Included with that is the modern version email, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Linked In…. STOP!!!! How many more sources of information can we handle? So how do we as professional sales people decipher the different outlets to get the prospects attention? What is the magic formula to get the meeting with your prospective client? Do you send him/her an inmail request? Do you message them on Facebook? Do you tweet them, yes I know that will work right? What is your response to an uninvited connection request? Are you quick to hit the accept or reply button? Does the thought race through your mind “I can’t wait to meet this person?” If you’re like the majority of the world and I can assure you the majority of prospects are the response will be something like, “Who is this weirdo?” So if that is the case how do we get success? Do we just give up saying the world has changed? How many people believe that while technology is great productive tool too many sales people hide behind as a crutch because the timeless trait of FEAR (false expectations appearing real) has reared its ugly head? Yes we can utilize the technology tools of today to be more productive, follow up with clients, prospect current clients friends and research the prospect more effectively before the initial face to face! But let me share with you the most effective tool to prospect in the modern era…..FIGURE A WAY TO GET IN FRONT OF THEM THE VERY FIRST TIME. Revolution concept isn’t it? Now the skeptics are all saying now what a minute Brett that may work in your field but mine is a professional field we don’t show up anywhere uninvited!!! I am not saying you have to ring the doorbell like traveling vacuum cleaner salesperson throwing dirt on the floor so they have to watch your program. I am talking about the timeless value of face to face connection which can be achieved in many ways:

1. Find out there social patterns then happen to be there for an introduction.
2. Use technology to find someone who is connected that can set the face to face meeting.
3. Send them correspondence through traditional mail.(The volume of mail is down easier to connect today)
4. Attend a club or civic organization they are connected with.
5. Use a customer for an introduction.
6. My personal favorite is show up asking for a few minutes.(not many people do this anymore it will surprise how well it works).

Yes technology is a great addition to the sales profession it allows us to cover more ground, increase production, and follow up instantaneously but please don’t let it be a fear crutch. What are some of your suggestions for modern day prospecting??


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