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Brett K. Oubre is a motivational teacher, author, and successful CEO whose life’s work is to inspire people to shed the complaints, break the cycle of self-limitation, and build the life they want.

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May 19th, 2023

Forward Leadership Summit

Regardless of your life, remember there is always a way forward!
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Brett K. Oubre

Brett is a motivational speaker, author, and accomplished CEO. Since 2013, he’s been inspiring audiences from all walks of life to find a way forward—through circumstances, challenges, and excuses. He wants to guide people toward their full potential. He uses his platform to teach and equip all people to live life with fullness and audacity, regardless of their circumstances.

Brett grew up with few resources and little hope. He built a successful business only to watch it almost crumble. He suffered a brain tumor and arm paralysis, then fully recovered. He even survived a private plane crash. Brett understands how life often presents us with two choices: stay stuck or find a way forward. His journey as an overcomer has given him the opportunity to lead others to live with hope and expectancy—to believe that they can realize their ultimate purpose.

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