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Brett’s message is simple: Anyone can find a way forward.

He motivates and inspires people to clarify their goals, clear the excuses, and claim a life of power and possibility.

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There is always a way forward.

A motivational teacher, who knows from experience.

Brett’s life history is a catalog of 90-degree turns, curve balls, ups, downs, and personal triumphs that make him a compelling storyteller and motivator. As a speaker, he invites listeners to break cycles of self-limitation and change their mindsets so they can finally take action and create lives that are richer and more rewarding.

He gives listeners concrete tools so they can:

And more!

Through Brett’s teachings, people become confident and pursue life-changing personal goals...

Such as fostering healthier relationships, making a career change, sticking with better eating habits, or getting spiritually grounded.


No matter what your individual goals, Brett is living proof that motivation = satisfaction and results. And he’s committed to passing on his hard-earned knowledge so you have everything you need to get there.


Tap Brett to help your team, conference, or group find new, definitive ways to grow and change!

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