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Brett K. Oubre

I am Brett Oubre, a motivational teacher and soon-to-be published author. I am also the CEO and the owner-operator of five top-performing automotive dealerships in the Southeast U.S. Since 2013, I have been inspiring audiences of people from different life walks to find a way forward—past their circumstances, challenges, and even the excuses which block their great potential from being realized. I use my teaching platforms to equip people, no matter what their personal or professional circumstances, to live life fully and audaciously.

From the depths of my own life path of growing up with few resources and little hope; building success only to watch it almost all crumble; fully recovering from a brain tumor and a paralyzed arm; and surviving a private plane crash, I understand how life often presents people with two choices—stay stuck or find a way forward. My journey as an overcomer has given me a gift: the opportunity to lead others to live hopeful, expectant lives that realize their purposes.

When I am not traveling for motivational teaching and professional engagements, you can find me recharging on a boat or soaking in the sunshine on the beach. I also enjoy relaxing with a good book. A couple items on my bucket list that keep me motivated are to have a beach house and to someday see all 50 states.

We all have only one life to live, and I want to teach you to awaken what lies within yourself to execute each day with excellence and to be equipped to leave an impactful footprint on the world.

When you’re caught up in a loop of self-defeating thoughts, it threatens your progress at work, your self-esteem, and the health of your relationships. But you don’t have to live this way. As a motivational teacher, my central goal is to show you how to eliminate excuses, set personal goals, and find your momentum so you can develop resilience and live a positive, prosperous life.

I prioritize execution and excellence. Action gets you unstuck. Acting well makes your life fulfilling and effective. Looking at my life experiences and choices with honesty, forgiveness, drive, zero excuses, and a recognition that now doesn’t have to define forever are the things that changed everything for me. I believe they can change everything for you, too.

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