Execution: Your time is now

I believe in making things happen, in getting things done, and in never giving up.

I also believe that you have everything you need inside of you to make your dreams happen.

What do you want? A promotion or a better job? To make things right in your relationships? To get sober? To deepen your spiritual practice?

I promise you, every single one of these is achievable. You just need to do one thing.


What does “execute” mean? According to the dictionary, it means “to carry out a task.”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And it is. The doing is the easy part, the part that flows.

The hard part is learning to believe that action is possible. The hard part is overcoming the mental blocks that keep you from believing you can do something; believing you can achieve anything you set your mind to; believing that there is always a way forward.

What keeps you from executing, from carrying out that next thing you need to do, or from finding your way forward?

I bet it’s one of these two things:

You’re procrastinating.

You always think you’ll get to it “soon” or “tomorrow” or “after the game” or “after I make more money.” What you really mean is that you’ll get to it when you feel like it. And the truth is, that day will never arrive. Waiting for the perfect opportunity is a trap that will leave you stagnant and frustrated. You have to decide to execute no matter how you feel.

You’re making excuses.

Or maybe you’re waiting for things to get better, always coming up with a reason you can’t: You don’t think you’re smart enough, rich enough, or accomplished enough. Maybe you messed up in the past and that’s convincing you that nothing is possible. No matter what that destructive voice inside is telling you, it isn’t true. You are absolutely capable—right now—of carrying out a task, executing the next step, and taking your life in the direction you want it to go.

Here’s the thing: No matter who you are and what you have or haven’t accomplished or what you have or haven’t done, the time to act is now. You have absolutely everything you need.